okay, my school is having a varieties show comming up, i am an electric guitarist, and have a bassist and drummer. we need help choosing a song and/or tabs.

we play mostly punk, metal, ska, and other stuff like that.

we were thinking basket case by green day, because a lot of people know it, and its a pretty damn good song. either that, or if i was good enough, crazy train, but ive only been playing for 7 months now, i taught myself, and the solo gets a little tricky sometimes.

what other songs could you all suggest that a lot of people know, and get the crowd into like 'shout' or 'blitzkrieg bop' or something. and how many watt amp should i use for an auditorum that holds maybe 250-500 people?

thank you all so much. rock on.
you should use a 100 watt marshall jcm800, or a 100 watt fender twin reverb heh heh
im working on writing my first song, ive only been playing for a couple of months now, thats why im not too sure on crazy train. but i was thinking about the clash, maybe 'i fought the law' or something. and thanks, yeah ill probably use a 75w to a 100 watt, im probably jsut going to rent one from somewhere, tight budget.

thank you all. any more ideas are welcome.