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What guitar "skill" do you wish you could do better? (like pull offs, deadening, speed, palm muting, smoother transitions, ect.)

For me it's smoother transition "hammer-ons". That one's always got me
Faster fretting hand speed.

I can pull-off and hammer-on smoothly, alternate/economy pick, bend to pitch, but my fretting hand refuses to move fast enough to shred.

(Epic phail much?)

i wish i could do some economy picking or even alternate...i'm soooo dang bad. my left hands fast enough but i just can't pick fast enough....if i try to go fast i like miss the strings or get caught or something. pisses me off bad
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Sweeping and pull-offs. Also tapping.
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sweep picking....i trained so hard in practicing alternate picking that i cant go against my up and down motion
pinch harmonics.
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screaming!!!.... the guitar of course.... just cant seem to make it like i wanna
Sweep Picking (started off)
Pinch Harmonics (trying to get the weird-ass motion down)
Pull-offs (Sometimes can't sound note I pull off to as clearly)
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Finger tone! and relaxing a lot more...

Synchronization as well.
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ascending on a sweep.... gets me every time.... I can do just about everything else with a little practice... Its just a mental block or something

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strumming (while singing, some patterns are just to fast)
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Quote by MusicalMinority
Faster fretting hand speed.

I can pull-off and hammer-on smoothly, alternate/economy pick, bend to pitch, but my fretting hand refuses to move fast enough to shred.

(Epic phail much?)

I'm much the same way, except it's my picking hand not my fretting hand. I just haven't been able to pass that treshhold to play fast enough for a lot of solo's. Percussive tapping in songs I could use some work on as well.
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muting my strings on solos.

when i bend my high strings, the lower ones vibrate and it ruins it.
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I wish I could sweep, I can't do that at all. But what I'd really want to do is be able to play more than one part at once.
Alternate picking. I'm passable by most standards, but I look up to guys like buckethead >_>

On a related note, I'd also like to get into really wild sounding effects usage.
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Singing while playing semi-complicated things. I can sing pretty well, I can play quite well, I'm competent at singing while playing chords but anything above that I become a disorganized mess.
That little move where you use this plastic thing to hit strings or something...

JK, i just want to get my scales down.
eh, i'm no amazing tapper, but i'm satisfied with what i can do with it(eruption is basically my limit). no 8 finger tapping for me. at least not now.

i'd like to be able to sweep, pick a hell of a lot faster, get good at economy picking, and just generally know the fret board better. but hell, i've been playing lazily for 2 years, basically as good as someone who's been playing for 1 year that doesn't know many songs(i just mess around with scales/modify licks).

we all want to be better. hunger is what drives us to be great musicians.
My biggest problem is that my fretting hand moves faster than my picking hand, so above a certain speed, everything gets really jumbled together. Thats what i work on most these days, trying to fix that.
A few.

I can't get down the SRV technique of playing a rythym and having single notes ring out, while improvising.

I want to be able to do the hendrix style solo over each chord change, I'm getting better though.

Sweep picking.
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my finger's are skinny so i'd say tapping, gah..
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either speed or knowledge of more theory
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1: more complexity in my double taps
2: Pinch harmonics (haven't got a clue how to use them or even do them)
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Nothing. I'm perfect.

Seriously though, sweep picking, pinch harmonics, and bending. My lack of skill in the latter two are only compounded by the fact that Teles aren't exactly the best guitars for those techniques.
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Correct inside or outside picking.
Clean sweep picking
good vibrato. I can't get it to sound exactly like I want it to
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I pretty much want to improve on everything...

My main gripe is my vibrato...I want to maky my normal vibratos' a bit more fluid and I seriously, SERIOUSLY want to work on my bending vibratos!!! I can't seem to make them vocal enough--especially when I'm trying to make a point when playing.

Also, there's pinch harmonics, harmonics, sweep picking, alternative/ecomony picking, tapping, string muting, improving, accuracy, speed, etc.

Like I said, I want to improve on everything.
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