Hey i just got an old quest atak 5 from my friend and i painted it and put a new pickup in it and it actually sounds great but the problem is it goes out of tune the second i touch the whammy bar. I bought locking tuners and it also locks the strings at the nut but it still goes out of tune. On the bridge there are little posts of course that allow you to tune from there and i think these are the problem. they keep moving and untwisting causing the guitar to go out of tune. I could buy another bridge but then id have to drill new holes and ya da ya da. Is there any way to make this guitar stay in tune or should i just suck it up and buy a new bridge. This guitar was just given to me so i want to fix it up a bit.
You need to either tighten the springs or add additional springs to lock it in place. Back side of the guitar, under a cover, you will find the springs. They connect between the tremolo and the body. There should be a couple screws locking them into the body. Tighten those

Or go buy a couple extra springs and put them in.