We have been looking for a singer for a long time now, and we really need one in Louisiana. We play Metal, Rock, classic metal, classic rock, and souther rock. If you are interested please reply. If youl have any better Idea about lookin for a singer please tell me too.
Dude. I suggest one of your bandmates, or you yourself sing. My band ran into that same problem. We had this one singer but he would never really sing he'd just jam with us on rhythm guitar. So eventually our drummer took over singing. When it came to writing songs he took to long to finish up lyrics. Then I just said screw it and I became singer. I also became singer because people told me my voice was pretty good. And also remember no body's voice is really that bad. Look at all the singers out these days.
Yeah, every once inawhile I'll sing too, and every gig we played so far I had to sing. And I'm not too bad with vocals either but we would really like to have a singer to help out.