Right after Eternity, which was a success for me, I come out with another song which could turn out really awesome in my opinion. It's my first attempt at Power Metal and I put this together in an hour or so. This is just a sneek peek of the song, still need to finish it Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, Darkness' Fury.

Darkness' Fury.zip
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I'd like it if the "speed it up" part hit with more force. Like both guitars and fast drums. It'd be spontaneous and fun. Yay!
It was nice... but, overall, nothing really spectacularly amazing. maybe add keyboards? or i dunno... just something to make it more interesting...

Not very original, and not very hard hitting or powerful, as most "good" power metal is.

if you feel up to it, mine is somewhere on the first page
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Checker, I don't get the "My name is in your sig. That means your dumb."

Anyways, yea it's my first time writing power metal (I do listen to some) but I'll try to make it more spontaneous and as I said Ryioku, it's a kind of rough version. I never do songs in 1 shot or something, my last song took me like 20 versions xD! I'll add keyboard for sure, some good keyboard "sweeps".

Thanks for the ideas Ill crit yours
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its decent but not as powerful or theatrical as most power metal is supposed to be

edit: plz crit mine, thrash instrumental on 1st pg