What would i need to have to be able to hook my guitar up to the computer so i could be able to record some songs?
Any recording software even Microsoft Sound Recorder. An instrument cable and an adapter to plug into the computer's microphone input jack.
the line six toneport is pretty solid for personal recording. i wouldnt recomend it for anything serious though

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I'm pretty new to computer recording, and don't claim to know a lot, but I've recorded straight into the sound card as described above, with just a patch cord, and that works for a basic recording. A lot better sound is possible if you have the capability to mic an amp into a tape recorder then use its line out to go to the computer.

Right now I'm getting started learning to use Audacity, and running my instruments through a Tascam mixer unit originally designed to multitrack on a cassette tape. I use the line out and record onto computer, bypassing the tape and therefore the tape noise. It also lets me EQ it a bit before recording or add other effects if needed through the effects loop.

For acoustic I mic the guitar, for electric I plan to mic the amp, but haven't tried it yet, I get very few and rare chances to crank up an amp around here and even more rare is a few quiet minutes without dogs barking, loud mufflers and boom boxes to add unacceptable background noise...it's 12:30 AM and I'm still hearing dogs and cars right now, as I type...can't record with that going on, at least not without a dedicated and insulated sound room.

Once it gets to the computer I'm using Audacity, and so far the couple of acoustic tracks I've done have required very little tweaking, a bit of delay and EQ, that's it. I'm just getting started with this rig, I've only had the Tascam a month or two but so far it looks like it might be well worth tinkering with. I'm looking around at hosting options now, so I can get some files posted for people to check out.
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