I was wondering about the wiring of a Epi Les Paul. I want to create a master tone and volume switch for both of the pickups. Any help is greatly appreciated.
You are going to have to sodder your pickups. Replace them too. I suggest you just buy a new guitar though. And if you just want the extra tone/volume knob to be able to use the pickup selector as a kill switch. Just install a kill switch then.
I'm moving the pick up selector to the treble tone spot and a kill switch to the rhythm tone spot. Also thanks for the LP info.
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But, but, but........

LPs have a killswitch built-in (pickup selector), why would you go to all that trouble just to have the exact same capabilities??? Except with less versatility (simply switching pickups can't change your sound as much anymore, as the volume and tone for both will be the same).

^ really, that is for lack of a better term, a retarded wiring scheme. the LP already has more than enough built in. you're just over complicating it and limiting it at the same time with your proposed setup.
Not when you use both the treble and the rhythm frequently and require them both to be on.
^^See, someone agrees with me.

If you really want to mod your wiring, make a master tone and put a coil-split where the other knob was.

PinkEdit: You don't have to get rid of both individual tone and volume though, just put a killswitch in one of the tone knob spots. You don't need two pickup selectors.
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I'd be happy with the stock les paul wiring that i posted. kill switch would be useless, cuz u can just use ur pickup toggles, and when ur done using them, u can turn up the volume on it again. it's pretty much free too.
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I've finished. I changed the location of the pick up selector to the treble tone spot (Really gets in the way when 8 finger tapping). Put a killswitch in the rhythm tone spot, I know you can use the pick up selector but I prefer a kill switch for a couple reasons (Huge Bucketbot and I use both my pick ups often during songs for different tones).

I do have one problem though. When on the neck pick up and on both pick ups the master volume works fine, but when on the bridge pick up, no matter what the volume, it's always on full...