sounded like carnival music =o
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Overall, it's really good... I like the main riff (with harmonics) and I love how you put the Bass different than rythm guitar... I'm tired of rootnote bassists

I especially like the bass parts on the 2nd 3/4 riff... sounds a bit like a bass solo to me....

Finnally, both solo just kick ass... they fit so well in the song and the phrasing is very good! I just don't like how the 1st solo ends but I guess it's okay since the 2nd solo is starting back, it gets me "back in the mood"

Great job man! Wanna crit my song(s) ???

It'd be nice if you did both of them but if you don't have time, one would be okay!
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I have to agree with FNAFJ... it sounds a bit like carnival music but I love it... it adds to the atmosphere of death metal in my opinion
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It's very good for a death metal song. I'm not quite into straight death metal stuff, but that was ok to headbang to ;-)

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that was badass, i loved that 3/4 riff and the way the bass did that run under that riff before the solo, schweeet, the solo was amazing, especially the second part the slow bit, genious.

its very good has a slayer-esque feel but the transitions and the drums can be worked on and also the solo, but the rest is very goo and i like the bass solo before the guitar solo

crit mine, the thrash instrumental on 1st page
That was excellent.

The starter riff was fast and br00tal, especailly when the harmony and drums kicked in.

On measure 18, when you have both guitars playing the same chords, it's a little bit loud an overpowering. I think you should only have one guitar do that.

25-28 was great...

The 3/4 riff was sweet.

As was the bass at 67-73.

I think the constant vibrato on the first solo was a little ugly. I think you should do regular bends on some notes and vibrato on others.

102-103 was wierd. But it was probrably supposed to be...

Not much to say about the second solo... you effing nailed it.

The final riff got a little repetitive.

But yeah... like I said before, that was really good. 9/10.

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Thanks everyone. At this point I'm tempted to apologize for 101-103. Honestly, it's pretty bad. I just need to figure out to do there. Will get to critting your stuff.