hi, i just bought a new RGX420DZ from steve's music store, but i'm new to the electric guitar. The guy didn't even give me the cardboard box or any instruction manuals and i can't locate it on the yamaha site. Can't believe this, it feels like i'm buying a used getto guitar.

I'm so lost even when i already read the tutorials that shows the parts of a guitar.

I don't think i can get a copy of the manual but i can't even google much info about this guitar so i have no idea if it's discontinued or what. I have no idea if or where I can replace the battery for this thing i remember the guy said something about it might have a battery in there to replace, and all those string locks and stuff i donno how to set it because the screws are uneven. Is there a tutorial or site that shows this? I know how to tune a acoustic but there are more stuff on this electric guitar that i donno what it does.

i also already tried using the search function, point me to the right direction please if i did anything wrong.
and i was told that the guitars are already setup if i pick one of the floor models.

does it matter as long as i can get it to tuned to all the notes because the pick up is raised so high and not perfectly level.
it has a double locking tremolo, basically a licensed floyd rose copy, thats why theres string locks on it (commonly known as a locking nut), they need to be un-done before you can tune it, you wont have too replace any batterys because the pickups are passive, and dont require batterys, the model is dis-continued, i own one.

you dont really need a "manual" for a guitar, maybe a learning book, if you have any problems with it, take it back and ask questions, if the owner is a ****-for-brains, then try email yamaha guitars.
Don't take me too seriously.

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