I love writing parodies its really fun to me.....anyone else out there who writes them....how do you pick a song? and once you get that how do you figure out a topic for it to be about?
Check for "Taking a Picture (Won't capture this)
i got a little one...

Burr, its cold in here, someones been fuckin wit the imported beer.

kinda gay, but i made it at work.
I do not know how that has anything to do with a parodie...so ummm anyone else??? lol
Check for "Taking a Picture (Won't capture this)
A friend posted a parody here a while ago. It came from a mondegreen of the title when it was sung in the original song (the singer was German though). So basically, just listen to songs, read the lyrics and write.
I take songs where I don't like the lyrics and most of the time it's emo and then I change them.
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