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3 100%
Nay. The songs should stay the way they were originally.
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Voters: 3.
Am I the only one who thinks remixes (i.e alternate versions) albums are too cool for school?

My favorites are Of Montreal's "Satanic Twins" and recently Star's "Do you trust your friends" and Feist's "Open Season"

If you haven't heard them and like those bands you should check them. Open Season has remixes by The Postal Service, K-os and Apostle of Hustle among others. Do you trust your friends has remixes by Final Fantasy, The Most Serene Republic, the Dears, Metric, Jason Collett and Apostle of Hustle (I guess he has lots of free time)

So what do you think about remixes albums? favorites?
Quote by Arthur Curry
Satanic Twins is off the fuckin' chain.

hahahaha couldn't have said it better, I love the version of Rapture Rapes the Muses and Requiem for OMM2!
although to be honest I can't recognize any of the people who did the remixes on Satanic Twins.
Could it be possible that Kevin Barnes did the all himself?