Poll: Do you spend more time on UG than playing guitar?
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View poll results: Do you spend more time on UG than playing guitar?
50 75%
17 25%
Voters: 67.
Anyone else seems like it feels this way? There is something about being part of a guitar community that is almost as fun as playing the guitar itself. I sometimes find that I spend more time on UG than playing my guitar. Probably 'cause my electric needs restringing and I'm lazy :P
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some days, definately.
Youtube covers

I spend more time on YouTube if anything, but I'm usually playing guitar at the same time I'm on UG, so I guess they are about even.
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yea. cuz i don't play guitar at night. night is like... 10PM~3AM, which is more than the time i use to play guitar. during the day, it's like the same amount for both.

so in conclusion, yes i check UG more than i play guitar.
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Ya, usually.
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time on UG > than time on guitar.

whenever im sitting by my computer listening to tunes i go ahead and check whats up on UG, and i listen more than i play.
depends, some days I'll spend hours on guitar.. but sometimes its hours on UG. I'd say no, I play more guitar, but not by much.
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cant say i do, i played guitar today for about 9-10 hours (i had nothing to do today), and ive only been on UG for about 20 min
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I used to be on here way too much, then I got banned, re-discovered Life, and have been playing guitare more than UG.
^ You need to be on here more often. .... BTW the link in your sig doesn't work, well maybe it's just me.
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I usually come on here to look for songs to learn and then I just go into the forums, hang up my guitar and stay on here.
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^ You need to be on here more often. .... BTW the link in your sig doesn't work, well maybe it's just me.

Yeah, I do.

OH. Thanks for telling me. I just realized there's like, 4 http's in the URL haha
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7-8 combined or at once hours on the guitar (I switch off between Electric, Steel String, and Classical Nylon).

Two or three on UG.
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im a lazy ass with no life even when im playing guitar im on the computer and if im not playing guitar hero and if im not doing that im probobly taking a **** or actually doing something with friends

...but yes UG rules
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Yeah I check UG more. But that's because I go on UG at work, where I can't play guitar.
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