I'm not sure if this is the right section or not, I don't think so. But I didn't see where else to put it.

Okay, a long time ago I had this program on my computer, it was just the demo of it. But anyways, basically if you had a .wav file and you would play it in the program, it would tab it for you, to the best of it's ability.

Does anyone know what the program was called?

*also, how the hell do I get to pending tabs now? I used to do it all the time from the old page, but now I can't get to it.
the only auto tabbing software i know of that will take a guitar riff and tab it for you is filled with spyware.........

Guitar Pro and Power Tab are the most used programs here.

to get to pending tabs be logged in and go to the home page.
it will be around the lower right of the screen when you are scrolled to the top.
I don't think it was that, but I used it for bass too, it could do that.

Thanks for the pending thing.