What is the legality of me downloading guitar pro off of a a torrent site (thats what limewire is, right?)?
Also, has anyone had any problems in general with limewire, like computer running slow or spyware/virus and the likes?

Thanks in advance.
..If it isn't licensed, then it's illegal.

And by that, I mean if you get the full version and it's free, it's illegal. I don't recommend posting about it or discussing it here, as your topic will probably just get deleted and you may be warned and/or banned for piracy.

Just a friendly warning.
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Limewire isn't a torrent program. If you want to use torrents, you need a special program and certain websites. I won't say because I might get in trouble. Don't use limewire either, You'll be able to steal your programs faster using a torrent site. I'm not sure what type of legal issues you can get into though, depends on where you live. I'm sure it would be quite a fine if you got caught.
I've gotten caught by the fbi like 9 times.

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guitar pro is a rip off anyways in my opinion. it is illegal to pirate it. I'm not saying you should or shouldn't do it but lemme just say that Nike's slogan is "JUST DO IT."
'nuff said.
limewire ****ed my computer man im not saying i stopped using it...it just ****ed my computer hard in the ass
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It's illegal but I'm pretty sure everyone does it anyway. Honestly, how many people actually pay for PhotoShop?
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Limewire sucks, its a p2p program full of spyware and uses lots of your computers resources making it run slow. Torrent sites are where it's at. There is a whole torrent site/help thread.
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It's illegal but I'm pretty sure everyone does it anyway. Honestly, how many people actually pay for PhotoShop?

Not I.
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