1. How do i make words appear as a link. For example, i want to make the link in my sig appear as Cube Owners without the link, so if i click Cube Owners it would automatically redirect me

2. Is it possible to leave a group in the UG Profiles? If so, how?

1. You click "Insert hyperlink" and you put the description as Roland cube owners and then put the actual link in the next screen.

2. Yes Click on "My profile" and go to your groups. Click the group you want to leave and there will be a dropdown thing. Click "View members" and there should be an x by your name in the far right column. Click that to leave.
hmm im still confused about insert hyperlink? where is it? can you give me more detail?
Roland Cube Owners

Click on quote below my post and you'll see what I had to type to do that. Just use that same format and you can do that for any link you want.
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