Looks like a custom made guitar to me.
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Hands down but heres a heads up, i'm not sure on the brand
Wow i can't say i'm a fan of that particular recording.
And also, loved how he taped up that name on the headstock.
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It looks like a Guild to me.

That's what I thought at first glance. The shape of the binded headstock, the positon marks on the fretboard and the way the masking tape over the manufacturers logo is shaped all point towards Guild. But then it is the oval soundhole that makes me doubt. All flat top Guilds I know have round soundholes.

One argument against Gibson is the fact that normally while performing these Dashboard dudes do everything to manoeuvre the Gibson logo's on their guitars in focus of the camera's. My guess is that they're paid to do this and that masking off any other brandname than Gibson is part of the deal.