here it is, been working on recording it for a while, ehhmmm still no vocals/lyrics sorry about that. This is the start of my third year of playing so be cool. Not sure where the first solo came from, it was just random **** i played before the actual solo started and I kept some of it. Sorry for weird sounding bass, I'm using a 99 dollar Rogue fretless dirrect in.
I really like it man. Did you use drum synth for that? Cuz the drums sounded perfectly chosen/timed, just a little flat (but still amazing!).

What kind of chords was the picking based off of (just curious)? I'd be glad if I could reach your skill by the end of this year (my 3rd).

Didn't get to the solo, but still great!
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wow dude way to think innovative. nice plan.
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that would be awesome if you saw it all the way through, good imagination

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damn guys thanks! I'm the amature Chopin of the guitar world, i just take like half the notes out of a major chord. I honestly don't know what those chords are. I messed around with fingerings untill I was like "yea that's it". Same with the solo. Ill try to tab the chords kinda:


not the exact rhythm but yea...

The drums were pre-made loops in Garage Band 3. I just differentiated them so it wouldn't get boring. I know zilch about drums. Thank you for the good response!