I'm looking into building a mustang and found This. I have some questions though. I won't be using the tremolo so could I get a different bridge and If so would I have to cut any thing on the body? Can someone explain what all the custom options for this are? Are the slide switches worth putting on? I've never even heard what one sounds like. And finally, what would sound better, Alder or Swamp Ash? I read in a post today that Alder would sound better for these types of guitars.

Thanks in advance
Also, what would be good pickups? I want to have a hum bucker at the bridge and a single coil at the neck.

Sorry for the double post
I'd go for Swamp Ash if you want it quite light, but they are both great woods. I think its really your preference, I'm not very knowledgeble with pickups so *shrugs* maybe look into GFS pickups. What finish are you thinking of?
Put a Duncan Single Coil sized Humbucker in the bridge, prefferably a JB. The slides and switches are all part of the pick ups, they give you a vast amount of tonal options. I have never played a mustang ( sadly...), so I don't know if they're worth it, but if you think about it with out having played it, they sound useful.

BTW, white/ some kinds off white or cream w/ tortoise shell pickguard looks orgasmic on a mustang,
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About the bridge, yes, i think you can have the body routed for a tune-o-matic on warmoth...
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