In the movie "school of rock". jack black has a tiny amp on his left pants pocket. what is that? and how does he connect it to that SG, I don't remember seeing a cord. also how do you change pickups?
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he has a cord. and its a battery powerd marshall mini stack. they have a belt clip and the worst tone known to man.
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what is a good, cheap amp to get?
"Nice boys don't play rock n' roll" - Axl Rose in (Nice Boys cover)
He's probably just acting out playing.

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Good cheap amp depends on what your budget is. The Roland Cube Series and Vox Valvetronix are recommended here and if you have a bit more cash people'll start to mention tube amps.

You change pickups by de-soldering the wires that are connecting them to pots and switches inside the guitar and soldering the wires from the replacement pickup up. Easy enough to do yourself if you can solder and know where to wire everything ( or ask on here for advice ).