hi. i've been here b4 because i needed help with a pedal to help fix my tone,but lately i've been thinking itd be a waste to buy a pedal and use it on a Marshall MG10CD Combo Amp,but im not really sure. so i've been thinking should i stay with it and just get the pedal or should i buy a new amp altogether. im thinking if i do decide to buy a new amp id a getting Line 6 Spider III 15 Modeling Combo b/c all i really need is a bedroom amp. give me advice on wat i should do and suggest amps i should get. i play thrash metal, the occasional blues and jazz and some classical songs. no budget limit,but stick to bedroom amps. thanks for ur help
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No budget limit?

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Hey guys! how do you create a post? for ex. one said bass probs.! if i can get an answer that would be great
It wouldn't necessarily be a waste, just use the MG on totally clean and the pedal for distortion. You already know you need a new amp. I would suggest looking into one of the $200 5 watt tube combos. If you must have solid state a Peavey Transtube or Cube. I personally hate Spiders but this is my opinion.