I have a Marshall AVT50 Head with a Marshall MF400 Cab. I got them both used for a very good price. For effects I have a digitech RP250. And my guitar is a Ibanez RG2EX1 . I can get pretty much any marshall tone without the rp250, and I use that for everything else. Also I can get a kickass metal tone if it crank up the gain and scoop the mids. I've only heard good things about the guitar, but personally i think it sucks. But for $300 I guess you get what you pay for. For my next guitar I was thinking of getting a higher end RG, like in the $400-600 range. From my experience Ibanez guitars are the just the best. Also I was thinking maybe of getting a Stratocaster, because I have a cheap knock-off strat (its a real piece of crap, cost $100 with a 15w amp included) and i love the tone. Its almost better than my regular guitar. I was thinking of maybe getting a Les Paul, but ive heard unless you shell out a lot of cash for one you are gonna basically get crap. I've heard better things about SGs though, and I'd would be cool to have a Gibson if not just for the name's sake, lol.

Would you guys reccomend getting a new amp head down the line as well? if so what ones? I was thinking either a peavey of that Ibanez Tone Blaster. I don't really know amps so any help in that area would be appreciated. I mostly play metal/hard rock but I still like to play funk and bluesy stuff as well. Also I don't mind playing country here and there.
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Well definetly amp. Amp is 90% of your tone.

I would recommend a used Peavey 5150 II, but a Peavey Windsor should maybe work. Toneblasters are pretty bad amps.
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If you like your sound, I'd say get a new guitar if it's holiding you back, then in the future get a new amp head.
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I'd sell your amp, cabinet and Multieffects. Then go out, buy a new Peavey Windsor head and an Avatar 2x12 cab. Then, if you don't think you have enough gain even then, go out and buy an Ibanez TS-9.

Stick with your guitar for the moment, but get it set up by a pro. Ask him to dress the frets and everything too. The amp + cab will make your tone infintely better.
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