hey all.
i have just purchased a used LTD viper 301. it is in prety mint condition and i am more than happy with it. it is approx 4 years old, and the bridge and stop piece show thier age with minor corrosion and fading in places. it is a black viper with black hardware. i was thinking of replacing the bridge and stop piece as these are prety cheap...bout $60 (NZ dollers) all up. i was also thinking of changing them to gold or silver, not black which they are now. i thought that this myt look wierd tho, since the tuners are goin to stay black (they are brand new planet waves locking tuners).

so yeh i spose im just after some opinions on what people rekon?
i reckon u should stick with black. Unless you get gold tuners. I'm pretty sure you can get those planet waves tuners in gold actually. That would look bling. Like this stingray:


yep u can get them in gold:


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yeh gold would look dam bling. but im not sure i wana fork out the muny for a new set of those tuners quite yet...hmmmm

thanks for that
Keep the hardware all the same colour. Otherwise it will look like ****.
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jimmy page had chrome hardware except for gold tuners, but they were old so they looked more like silver