I am having trouble with this one. My friends and I want to create a psychedelic, futuristic type of sounding album, but I can't seem to grasp, in terms of playing, on how to create a mood/feel to my playing. I know this may sound like a hard question to answer, I would appreciate any help. Any help like playing style, scales, influences. Any thing to help me overcome my problem, thanks.
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You listen to your inspirational bands a lot, and get ideas. Then when you go to play, you'll start playing what sounds right to you. Take it one step at a time.
This mightn't help much, but when I write stuff I usually just have an idea that I've come up with improvising or however else without really thinking about it too much, then I figure out what mood it represents, then work on it and expand it to fit that mood.
I usually find having the mood or even song name made before the song itself doesn't work that well.

A futuristic feel? Hmm... Constant 16th note melodies with tonnes of reverb and chorus.
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futuristic? try a bunch of effects like chorus, flanger, and phaser. not all at once.
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I don't know about effects, but. Use minors, and especially augmented chords. If not them, then use sharp fives.
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