So my stupid teacher wont let me play a santana song for a jazz unit we are doing at school because apparently santana are not jazz. He said i could play santana if i could present some arguments as to how they are jazz..so can you guys just tell me some for points as to how santana are jazz or jazz fusion, thanks. oh yeah the song ill most probably play is europa, and if santana are not jazz then you can recomend me new songs, something with a fair bit of 'wow' factor but not too difficult, thanks.
well he says we can also play blues pieces aswell, my bad so i need points that make them jazz or blues etc, and if they arnt blues or jazz, you got any suggestions as to what to play?thanks.
A couple years back the jazz band at my school did a tribute to Santana. I think you can definatley jazz up his music if it's not jazz enough for your teacher. Be creative.
Some stuff off the first few albums could be considered fusion I suppose, but not pure jazz. I can kinda see where your teacher is comin from, since he probably wants you to learn traditional jazz. Your best bet to convince him might be doing Santana's version of So What, but even that will probably be too fusiony for him.
black magic woman is pretty much blues. But i don't think Santana has ever been pure jazz.
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Give your teacher Caravanserai to listen to and ask him if it isn't Jazz.

In fact, everything from Caravanserai until, but not including, Inner Secrets is what I consider Jazz/Jazz-Fusion.

Besides, a lot of his early work before Caravanserai had a strong Latin-Jazz feel.