It kinda reminds me of Dark Cloud for some reason...

I dunno...

It's nowhere near done... i'm going for an epic feeling, this is basically... um... a 3 minute acoustic/strings intro?

Just seeing what you all think of it thus far.

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I'm just really starting to wonder why noone ever says anything about my stuff?

~~You are nothing. I am a God among men, creating the Universe before leaving you blinded and wandering.~~
Letters to Zaya
same... it really annoys me, cos unless its a master piece they just say along the lines of it sucks, and don't give any adivce.... it annoys me so much lol...

anyways, I really liked that tune =P it was pretty scary =o
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Pretty good song.

I didn't quite like the keyboards, but I'm not a keyboard guy all in all, so I don't know if you should listen to that piece of advice. ;-)

Other than that, pretty interesting.

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Thats Awesome!! I love songs with great acoustic pieces but dont use it all up in the intro. Your piece just kept going with the flow and i never felt that there was a part that didnt go with another part. The only thing i didnt like was my speakers were getting blown out at measure 73 and on. i know it wouldnt do that in real life, but you might want to turn it down a little. But thats a great masterpiece! 10/10!
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I really enjoyed it!

Really flowed together but I wasn't a fan of the keyboard too. It was good, but not that amazing xD And yes, turn the measures 73+ down a little, crushes my ears!

Other than that, awesome! 8/10
I really liked this. It all flowed very well.

I didn't really like the keyboards in the main riff. They sound too high-pitched to me. Maybe try a different instrument or bring it down an octave.

Otherwise, this is very nice. Definitely finish this thing.
I'm usually not into acoustic stuff, but this was very cool.

I loved the ending (bridge 2) the most, and then intro/main riff. Very nice and smooth sounding.

The only part I didn't really like was the first bridge (yeah, it is kinda loud lol). I just didn't feel like it flowed well from and to the parts around it.

Other than that, definitely a good acoustic song, I wish I could write things well in acoustic lol.

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the bass part was kinda weird since it followed the guitar part none the less it was a good bass part. On the drumming during the main riff you could us open high hate or crash to add like a pulsing beat to it. I do like the keyboard part and it does remind of dark cloud or video games like that. It would be the opening songs before the start menu.