Just picked up an RP 150.. a great deal for the price. One thing I noticed is that most of the presets suck. I did a search in the forums and everyone seems to agree but have yet to find one that gives a website or something that can give some good custom presets for certain songs (e.g. Old Santana, New Santana, ACDC, etc)

Does anybody have a link they would like to share? Thanks..
No links, but why don't you sit down and figure it out yourself? It will help you greatly to develop you own tone. If you can't recreate a tone you can hear on a record, you'll have big problems recreating a tone you have in our head and want to use.
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theres some pretty decent ones on their, they'll probably need a lot of tweaking to suit your amp though

i find you can get a better tone out of the RP if you set the output to mixer as well