im not quite finished this song yet (as usual) but im quite happy with what ive got so far. it is my attempt so far at writing a long song.

C4C as usual

CAUTION - THIS SONG IS NOT FOR PEOPLE WHO DONT LIKE SONGS OVER 4 MINUTES LONG. at the moment the song is over 7 minutes long and its going to get longer, and please dont say its too long, because that is why i started making this song, because i wanted to attempt a long song.

that was quite scary lol =P

I really liked it =]

not much bad about it, but a few bars in the first distortion bit sound a bit off =\

but other than that, its good =P
My Band =]
We play some goffic pish
Its fun

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it was really good, doodling like dream theater but the part at bar 108 sounds like it was there only to add complication in the time signature..

critique mine, the thrash instrumental