If i start up a band what gear are we going to need if all we have are instruments and practice amps (by that i mean 10-20W) ? Any good amp suggestions (bass and guitar) that aren't to expensive but still loud and good quality would be appreciated. Also what leads and cables will we need?
You'll want some valve amps, around 30 watts.
Also, do you have a PA for the vocals?
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you don't need a PA to gig. the place should have the PA if it is at all decent. i am guessing you can't afford valve amps and i have used my fender FM212R at gigs plenty and it works fine but i have decent distortion pedals. get some good quality cables, if you change guitars during your set i would recommend the cables with a circuit breaker to that you dont make too much noise while changing. and make sure you have a tuner handy other then that go out and have fun.
it all depends on sizes, brands, active or passive, built in mixer, etc

What kind of music do you play, and what are the budgets for your band
About 40 watts tube or 100 watts solid state should do a gig well. You'll need a decent bass halfstack I'd say to compete with that. You need mics and PA for vocals, but that may be provided by the venue.
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