Who here either

  • Goes to the theatre?
  • Is in productions?
  • works backstage?

I do do musical theatre.

We're doing a performance of Les Miserables soon. I'm going for Marius :S

And i just finished Fame. i was Joe.


I go to the theatre, and am a techie at our school, so i do lighting and sound for all the events like the massive gig house music, which is awesome.
i'm in youth theatre an actor to be specific, and good luck with Les Mis.
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not me. i spend all my time on guitar. i would like to go to a musical at least once in my life, but i dont know what one i would go to....
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i was a member of the questors theatre, but stopped for GCSE's. i hope to be doing drama and theatre studies for college. theatres just generally are kl
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I'm a huge Theatre fan, and always have been. Been in a bunch of musical theatre productions when I was younger. My favourite one was playing Riff in West Side Story. That was awesome.
I've also been in a Les Mis production too. I was really young so I played the kid who sings 'Little People'. I think his name was Gavroche or something similar. Jeez that song had such a high range. I can't stand to think how it would sound if I tried it now. =P

I'm part of a youth theatre now, but it's more contemporary and modern acting. It's totally awesome, and the people who run it are hillarious, although I suppose I do miss a bit song and dance. :P

Good luck with the audition dude. I'm sure it will go really well.
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I do do musical theatre.

Sorry for the spam, but I found that incredibly funny.
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