Hey guys,
I used to be on here ages ago. And now Im back!
With some covers!
All gats, vocals and editing is by yours truly.

Right click save as
Children of the Sea

I'm really a singer, not a guitarist. But I've been playing guitar for a while here and there as well.
Let me know what you think!

Little iffy on the solos dude but the over all track just kicks but!!!!!!!!!!!

Way cool I want to do this one too Bwhahahah......

Give me thees tracks with vox drums bass minus guitar LOL

Thanks for the post rock!!!!!!!!! On!!!!!!!!!
Yeah well Ive only really just gotten into the Dio era. So I didn't sit down to nut out the solos for hours, thought I'd just whip em out with the originals in mind but still do it a little different. Or at least thats my excuse heh.

Yea well I'm a bit lazy too and I like to hear something diferant than the original solo's also but I try to nail the notes on timing though even doing that though is vary time consuming but im getting better at not trying to rush song's and just sit on them a wile untill I get it good enough .

But well done for taking on multiple instruments great!! job!!
i thought it was a good job man,Ronnie is not easily covered....
was those midi drums? I know i could mix that better and would like to take a stab at it (no offence),if ya post up the seperate tracks. Jost a thought.I have some slammin samples i could use for the midi drums as well.