everytime i try to make a pinch harmonic on a low frets (fret 1-5) it does make any high pitch sound. when the strings gets lower, it kills me more. do you have any tips for me?
keep practicing, there are lots of harmonics there. The 3rd fret has about 4 different harmonics itself.
Often it depends on something other than your skill level. It could be the settings on your amp or your pickups. Turn up your treble and see if that helps, if not, could just be that you are picking the string in the wrong place (try moving farther away from bridge).
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Every fret will have multiple harmonics, if you can do them on the higher frets then it's probably not your technique, but rather where you're picking. For the low frets try pinching way up above your neck pickup, further towards the neck than you normally pick.