this guy owns...but i still puzzled on how he gets that sound....

Can someone please help me?

I think the problem is that i have a horrible amp. Its an Ibanez.
But yeah can you please help me anyway. And please try to be as exact as possible. And also any good recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks : )
And also i have a not so great guitar too..but i'm poor so yeah hahah.
But any help will definetly be appreciated much. thanks : )
I almost cried the first time I saw that because of how much I fail at guitar compared to this guy. He's so young too. I hate Asian prodigies

Oh, and I have no idea.
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Yes it is a masterpiece i agree.
I know i may never be at his level since i am just an idiot and i suck at the guitar.
But thanks for posting anyway : ) oh yeah and i am new so sry if i seem like a newb or soemthing
That scared the crap out odf me, because I had this crazy suspicion that this is what you were going to link to. Freaky.

hmm..theres not really any secret to his sound..just using the neck pickup. this kid is GOOD.
also i noticed his pick hand is really tense..he puts alot of force into his notes. lol what is it with ashians and ibanez? anyway..just practice if you want to sound like him.
I'm asian and i got an ibanez guitar at shimamura music...idk....that is kinda wierd haha. But thanks alot. If anyone has anymore advice..it would be appreciated. I would really like info on what put the settings on your amp at. that would help lots thanks