thx 4 seeing my thread,n hopefully u can help me.
sorry if my thread sounds like a joke...
but i really need some help...
what brand of bass u think have the best quality??
i need some info,cz i want to buy a new one....
so, 4 the pro,share me some info....
thx b4..........
depends on the price range, but i'd buy an esp or an ibanez
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I'm gettin the 5 stringer of that bass once i have the money ^

but yeah, it depends on ur price range and styles. tell us and we can help.
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If your into a cutting low end (such as in metal music) check out ESP, Ibanez, Schecter, Warwicks, etc

Fenders have a really unique sound which is better for standard rock, funk, etc. and they probably have the most sonic versatility in a bass.

In the end, I'll tell you the same stuff I tell everyone who posts like this: go to a local music store and tool around with many different kinds of basses until you find features that you like. Then find different basses with those features and narrow it down til you find 'the one'

Yeah i agree.. Ibanez, ESP, Schecter, Fender

Got me an Ibanez and it's really good, in my opinion you need to spend a bit more on an ESP to get as good as an Ibanez, but hey that's my opinion
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I suggest an ESP. I cant wait until I have enough for that SVT-4 and then I can start saving up for the F405.
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ESP, fender, Wal, Warwick, and Musicman(only the bongo tho) and spector are my favorites in that order.

i say ESP has the MOST bang for youre buck. they make very excelent basses and they dont overcharge for a brandname like alot of companys do
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