I was wondering about getting my Fender Strat fixed with locking tuning heads/machine heads. It stays in tune pretty good but I’d like to be able to bend my strings with a bit more confidence and it’s just something I’m a bit paranoid about.

I’ve heard of the brands Grover and Sperzal, does anyone know which of those two would be the best to go with. Or are there any others that are better?

My only problem - is my Strat is a 7-string. However I don’t use the seventh string at all. I’m going to ask my local music shop to fit them, so when they do, should I just ask them to leave the 7th peg or should I get that fit anyway, just incase?

… Don’t see many places where I can order 7, come to think of it…

You have a 7 string yet you dont use the 7th string......? Erm i would probably get it replaced as well, it may help in the resale value etc in the future. As for ordering 7 string tuning pegs, you're better off ordering 7 individual pegs for it from like warmoth or something.
Sperzels are expensive and quite heavy, but are among some of the very top-quality tuners.
Grovers are good as well. so rly, its up to your budget.
Quote by hmmm_de_hum
You have a 7 string yet you dont use the 7th string......?

It's a very old guitar, it was recommended by my metal heavy teacher five or six years ago now. But since then I've moved to funk, jazz and ska. No need for it, so I got rid.

Anyways, thanks for the info guys. I'll probably get some grovers then.