I bought THESE:
http://www.smallbearelec.com/Detail.bok?no=168 caps to replace C2,C8,C9,C14 as said in the guide.
But now that I open the pedal I see that the caps in those positions are round and have a negative and positive side, while the caps I bought have NO marking to suggest what polarity is what.
I was told that the caps in those positions are actually electrolytic, but I understand that the caps I ordered are not electrolytic.
What am I supposed to do? do I have the right caps?
Yeah, all the ones you get for the keeley mods should be non-polarized.
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i am having the same thoughts...

the ones i got from small bear are also non polarised. is that correct?
Thank you please.
Yeah. The non-electro ones in the signal chain sound a lot smoother and clearer.
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^^Keeley and a lot of other modders (including myself) like to replace all polarized caps and caps in general in the signal chain with NP caps and just better caps in general. Like said it just makes things clearer and less gritty I find.

Btw tell me how you like the Keeley mod. I modded mine to Keeley but I found it had too much bass, not enough mids and the highs were shrill. The lows were too flabby and fuzzy. Mine now is so different froms Keeley's, I ahve spent so many hours tweaking it.