I'm having problems with sounds i cannot get my gear to sound nice
this is my running order into the amp (as ive heard it matters)
Fender Mexican Tele (Standard) > Boss Pedal Board > Boss DS-2 > Boss PH-3 > Boss CH-1 > Boss DD-3 > Boss TU-2 > Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (Tube Amp)
i've seen a few bands use a THD Hotplate With Pretty Much The same setup
Heres a Website For The Hot Plate http://www.amptone.com/thdhotplate.htm
also anyone got any nice hot rod amp settings i could try? even tho im sure ive tried all of them , but distortion is the main problem.

1st question with my gear is it something ive done wrong?
2nd question will a THD Hot plate really make that much diff?
3rd Or Is It Just Me?
Well, the problem is tone is completely subjective. In my opinion, the HRD's on-board distortion is awful. I've never tried that particular distortion pedal you're using, so I can't comment on that. Your phaser, chorus, and delay pedals should be in the FX loop, if your amp has one, rather than inline from your guitar.

Ultimately, what kind of tone are you looking for?
Hi, I'm Peter
dont use ur DS-2 or use it on a low setting. i suggest an OD pedal. And the EQ on the amp should be set with low bass and a higher mid and treble.
Ok, that's your FX loop. It allows you to send the tone from your preamp out to pedals or further processing, and then return it to be amplified by your power amp (line in).

If you're looking for that kind of raw indie sound, you should beef up the pickups in your guitar a bit and try an overdrive or a clean boost pedal. A attenuator will help a little, but they still compress your sound a lot, suck your tone a bit, and end up not sounding as good as a loud amp. That's really the key here, how loud you're able to turn up your amp, since part of that "big" sound comes from driving the speakers hard as well as having a lot of power saturating your tubes.
Hi, I'm Peter
If distortions your main problem, its because the pedal your using, Bloc Party etc have OD not distortion, get an OD pedal to boost on top of your amps OD pedal.