I was thinking earlier that we should start sharing leftover scraps after a project. Have you ever needed a small piece of wood for something like a peghead or filling a tremolo cavity but didnt want to go buy another piece of wood when you know there are people out there with scrap that they dont need? Thats where this thread comes in... if you just finished a project and have some extra wood, veneer, paint, old pickups, or other such nonsense you dont need list it on here for someone who may need it.

Also this may be in the wrong section because I know that there is a section for buying and selling but at the same time this is a service to builders and customizers so it could also fit in here so please dont give me a hard time about that.

Thanks for looking

Edit: I was thinking possibly copying router templates for people would be great too... I would be intersted In that.
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I think it's a good idea - I had spare parts I threw out a few weeks ago as I'd never sue them and couldn't get rid of them. They could've helped somebody.
so to start the thread, any one have some new burstbuckers that they dont want? '57 classics work aswell