I went to GC earlier today and I guess they had some labor day sale. I was gonna get a microcube, but i saw that they had a crate max pack for 25 dollars, and a korg AX3G for 40 dollars. So this ended up being cheaper than the microcube.

I'm debating whether this was worth it or not. Would I still get better sound and effects with the cube or did I get lucky?

if the cube's better I'm returning this stuff and getting that.
Yeah you would of been better off with the cube imo. What other stuff came in the max pack besides the amp?
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I think any Cube is better than almost any other SS amp. but i havent tried what u bought, so i rly couldnt tell. but Cubes are awesome, and u might wanna at least try the Cube.
the cubes are probably the single best line of SS amps in that range. The only thing better would be the Vox valvetronix, but it's not exactly an SS amp.
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The only thing better would be the Vox valvetronix, but it's not exactly an SS amp.
It basically is, and it is uncomparable to the cube as they're voiced for different genres
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I'm thinking of getting a micro-cube myself! Very cheap stuff and you can get em' at around 60 bucks on craigslist here.
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