Well I know the guitar and amp I want. In all at list price it would cost me over 900$, but on musicians friend its only 500$. How hard is it to get it that cheap in stores?

Side question: What would be better to get... an Epiphone Valve Jr. Half Stack or a Vox Valvetronix AD15VT. It would be for the bedroom pretty much. Very few gigs, but if I were to play many what would be better? I'm mostly looking for a nice clean tone. Classic Rock and such...
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1. Guitar Center should have them at that price or a little cheaper. Otherwise, it would be less than list but probably a little more than the MF price.

2.Epi would be way better. Im looking at that stack as well for my first tube amp.
Well I can't make it to guitar center today, thats why I'm pretty bummed. I heard someone say he showed the MF price to the shop and they gave the guitar to him at that price. Maybe thats just luck though.
Most shops have a price guarantee. If you show them the MF price, they should match it. I wouldn't pay anything more.
That would be perfect, my half-stack & Epi G-400 for 550! If I could get a deal like that, I'd be ecstatic.
For the amp it kind of depends, if you want fx as well get the vox, if you just want an amp and have fx or don't want fx deffinetely get the epi.
I don't really need anything fancy. Just something simple that can be quiet or loud. Oh and lets say the store would have to order it because they don't have any Epi, would that effect the price? Would it be much harder to get a deal?