I can't take pictures right now because its at my friends house/band room - i will if theres enough interest i definitely will

Its a fender MIM cyclone,
white with tortoise pickguard. the white was professional custom paint job (200 dollars..) because they don't come in white.
seymour duncan jb in the bridge, tex-mex in the neck.
three way toggle switch.
rosewood neck
wilkinson vintage tremolo

everything's in perfect condition except a little chip of paint by the strap button (at the butt of the guitar), so you cant see it with a strap on it. (tiny..)

any interest? open to trades/cash offers
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bumppp looking for money or a gibson (and ill add money..).
its a one of a kind guitar! and also discontinued now.
if you have a hardshell case for it and can show pics, then i might consider trading my epi lp custom with hardshell case.
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i do not have the hardshell case... i carry it around in a soft case.
also i'd be more interested in a gibson (+ my own money). mostly because i'm saving for a gibson and would rather trade all at once and have my guitar as part of the cost (+ cash).

thanks though.