Hey. I'm having a bit of trouble with solos. i've made some 10 song prototypes and i can't make think of solos for them, and when i do, the solo sounds like it's out of place, like it shouldn't be in the song, so it sounds like s***. PLEASE if someone has any tips/suggestions, please share them. i am Really Desperate. otherwise i wouldn't be starting a whole f***in thread for it, okay?

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If a solo sounds in any way forced or our of place, it shouldn't be there in the first place. A song doesn't have to have a solo to turn out great. Most of CKY's finest work came from their first two albums, before they started including solos, and they're no less kickass because of it.

Trust me, when it's time to rock a solo, you'll know.
when you're taking a shower or something, hum the song the whole way through and see if you can "feel" out a solo that way. i think that's helpful, especially when you don't have much music theory to back you up
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One of the easiest ways to make a solo is to base it on the harmonic structure of the verse. Identify what key you're in, and use the appropriate scales to improvise over your chord progression. An easy way to get started is to try to play the vocal melody, and take it from there.