I have a 1956 re-issue Epiphone Les Paul Gold Top, and the g string comes out of tune real easy, when i do a harmonic and bend it behind the nut it will even go sharp, i dont know how or why, and ill do one bend and it will come way out of tune, so does anyone have any tips on how to resolve this, if theres any way?
It is normal for it to get Out of tune when you bend behind the nut, you are stretching the string..
new tuners should help. and not doing behind the nut bends would help. idk why u would. Like some1 else said, it stretches the strings out.
It's a simple fix, the nut is compressing the string and holding it, instead of letting it slide through it. All you need to do is LIGHTLY(!!!!!) use a fine file and scrape the slot in the nut so the string can slide through it easier.
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oh also put pencil lead in the nut. strings will slide smoother with graphite