I recently got a Roger Mayer Classic Fuzz, Autographed edition made in the early 80's. I read up on it and everyone says it takes a bit of trial and error to set it up right but I can't seem to get a real good sound out of it. I have a 1983 Musicman 112RD50 which works well by itself and with my other effects, and I have two standard strats, one which the previous owner upgraded the pickups but I don't know exactly what they are. I've been trying both strats on this amp with the fuzz and a univibe reissue and I just can't seem to dial in the tone of the fuzz.

Can anyone help me figure out the relationships between my guitar's volume and tone settings, the volume and drive on the pedal, and the EQ settings on the amp? Also, I am aware that there is a pot inside the pedal that can be adjusted but I don't know what I'm supposed to adjust it for, and I'm kind of scared to touch it before I know what it does.

Edit: I'm going for a rather hendrixy tone of course, something like Isle of Wight or maybe woodstock.
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Hey man, I've got that pedal, it's great, takes some getting used to though.

What you need to do is experiment with the fuzz and the guitar's volume, you can get quite a few different sounds out of it. Just set the fuzz near full-3/4 the way up, and the use your guitars volume to control how much gain you want.
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