I'm trying to brake the habit of resting the fingers of my right hand on the body of the guitar. My right for all of the time i've been playing has always been way behind my left hand in technique. I now believe it is because my right hand has alway een way too tense. I was wondering two things:

1) How do you're fingers know where to go when playing lead or solo of some sort that involves moving your hand to different strings if you don't have your hand resting on the body?

2) What are some great ideas and practice excersizes for trying to break this habit as quickly as possible?

If you can give any advise, let me know. Thanks.
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You have to practice dude, just practice, practice, practice, and jam, jam, jam. Many people have their own style of playing guitar. I don't think that there is necessarily a "wrong way" to play guitar.
1) For the right hand, I use the bridge as my guide. I had the same habit as well and I still do it sometimes. Use the palm of your hand behind your pinky finger as the way to gauge where you are on the strings. I use this technique because it also allows you to mute the lower strings and reduce noise when you're playing a solo on the high strings.

2) Buy a car battery and some wire. Hook a lead to each of your nipples and have a friend give you a jolt each time your fingers try to rest on the pickguard area. You'll break the habit pretty quickly.
id say just run scales and do the most repatitive easy stuff over and over and watch to make sure u dont rest ur fingers on the guitar, and everytime u do, stop and start ALL over again, but that might take awhile so for a quick route go with wat Wach said with the car battery