Hey this is my first recording, it's a cover of Redhouse by Jimi Hendrix. I played through a Marshall MG and an Epiphone Les Paul so the quality isn't great. It's a mix of improv and ideas i've taken from the many different versions i've heard of it including live. All comments appreciated particuarly are my vocals passable? I really dislike them myself
sorry man but i was not a huge fan. didnt really even sound like the song. tone sounded like you used one of those little hip amps. Give it some more practice
It was alright, I didnt really like the tone, it sounded a little weird. wouldve helped to take some gain off. and if you had some rhythm guitar or bass behind you it would have been better. maybe just record another guitar track? Crit mine? its an acoustic red house cover https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=673614
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