I am planning to buy a new electric guitar to replace my old Ibanez GAX 30 with. Today I looked around In the local music shop and spotted a Coxx guitar. It played really well and had a nice jazzy sound to it. And it was quite cheap since it was on sale (590€ ->350&euro.

I unfortunatetly don't remember what the model is but it is a hollowbody guitar with double humbuckers. I couldn't find good info on the web but I think it is called something in the lines of ES-335 (probably a copy or i'm wrong but that was all I could find) and it was made in China.

Now I wonder, does anyone have any experience when it comes to this guitar since I'm unsure about the quality of the wood, electronics etc?
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I wouldn't worry about quality, if you like the sound, you like the sound. But if it is a copy then I suggest you just buy a guitar from a trusted brand.
if its an ES-335 then say goodbye to $2500+. that's a Gibson. amazing sound though.
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If it's an ES style semi acoustic model ('f' or 'diamond' holes), they don't handle too much well, but they are extremely versatile, I have a few Epi models and a a Gibson model.

Check the neck joint, it should be a set neck, they tend to crack a little though on cheaper models.

Try changing the electrics from a trusted tech though.
Get some new pups & spend some cash on them, just like a pair of Burstbuckers or something along those lines.
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if its an ES-335 then say goodbye to $2500+. that's a Gibson. amazing sound though.

Yeah, realised that afterwards, but when i searched for coxx guitars, the only one i could find that looked similar to the one i was looking for had Es-335 next to it (the site was in french though )