so, here i am, ive been tooling and playing with guitars for well, a long time on and off, i have been more into playing lately, but it feels like im just spinning my wheels for the last couple of months, i have a wide range of music to work off of, books ect ect. I play a 83/84 squire bullet, a squire strato coustic, and the newest member of the tribe is a quest, electric, now for the record, the squire bullet and the quest guitars are both autographed from end to end, both were signed at roots in blues fests, here in bc, ,,, any way, i just feel like im not getting anywhere, so im open to the suggestions (oh dear gawd) of my fellow fretted brothers, i love to play i just need to figure out the slump,,, so if ya can help let me know, and if you wanna see pics of my guitars cavdoc113 on netlog and the pics are there,
Best thing is to find someone to jam with. Playing alone gets repetitive and boring at times.
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Try your hand at different styles (of course, make sure you LIKE those styles before you start playing them)
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well, i was raised on radio, so the whole, 80's stuff, classic rock, the grunge scene, i like some of the new stuff out, i love a wide range of music, but i just cant seem to center out,,, so, im open to ideas,,, thanks
municipal waste.

their stuff is fun as hell to play, and is awesome.

buy the art of partying or hazardous mutation.

if you have aim, pm me and ill send you both albums thru aim. (pm with screen name)
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I burned out. I used to obsessively practice technique and scales 2 to 3 hours a night and sometimes skip dinner or homework. I became a theory wizz and could play some malmsteen and racer x songs very well. But then it got to a point where playing guitar got to be like a daily chore and I felt i HAD to do it and it just got no fun. So I quit for a while and now I'm a lead singer and just **** around here on the forums. I'll still play on rare occashion though.

My point is to TAKE A BREAK, or you'll become like me and something you used to love will become no fun and you could have avoided it.