Decadence is a female fronted Melodic Thrash/Death Metal band from Sweden, they are quite unknown but have already released 3 full length albums.

Check out this band, they're awesome : extreme vocals and crushing riffs :

If you like them, try and support them by buying merchandise, you can buy cd's and t-shirts on the official site : http://www.decadence.se/

Upcoming gigs : Sandstorm Thrash Fest, Belgium 01/03/2008 (co-headliner)
Wow, this is the first time i've ever heard a band with a female vocalist that I like. Maybe it's because she sounds like a dude.
This band is AWESOME!! I just downloaded a couple of their albums and my favorite has to be "3rd Stage of Decay". The riffs are actually very original in my opinion and seem to be quite technical too (most of them). Believe me, if you guys don't download their whole albums, you are missing a ton of great ****. The girl vocalist at some points has a growl very similiar to that of Destruction's vocalist which is kinda creepy since he's a guy lol. On Destruction's album "Inventor of Evil", his vocals sound very similar to hers. Anyway, this band kicks major ass and should be much more well know than they are. I would consider them DeathThrash for the most part.

Seriously, download their whole albums because the songs on myspace (as good as they are) don't tell you half of what this band has to offer. One of the best bands and catchiest I've heard about in a long time.
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