I've never really understood the significance of having bass in a song, except the rougher edge to the song's sound. Please, someone clarify. After a long discussion, me and my brother have practically concluded that it is uselss. Please, someone post it's significance.

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It's a long story, though, so I'll just say this: laxatives+metal do not mix.

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listen to most songs without any bass... they just sound gay, like they're being played through a cell phone.
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It's important.
And this question could fall under any of the other "Bass is useless threads"
I know your not saying it is but, it would be a better place to ask then creating another thread
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listen to red hot chili peppers then say bass isnt important, dipshit.
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it fills in the bottom end of sound, its that deep noise that completes the music, otherwise youll have a lot of treble, which may sound uneven or incomplete.
You're right. Bass is very useless. I mean, there's only 4 strings so it must be easy to play LOLOL.

Just think, without a bass there's more time for GUITAR SOLOS!!!11! there's more attention on the guitar(ist) omg a perfect world.
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We had this thread like last week.

Bass is very important. You might not notice the bass until it's gone, but once it leaves there's a big hole in the sound.
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you sir are a ****. listen to any tool song and tell me bass is not important
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you sir are a ****. listen to any tool song and tell me bass is not important

Listen to ANY song in fact.
are you deaf? can you not hear the bass lines in the songs you listen to? do you really think if you removed the bass the song would sound the same? go listen to some rhcp or tool or something and tell me bass is useless.

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