I'm thinking about buying a jackson DK2 for £450, and please don't say that's overpriced because I've looked at alternative prices for actually buying physically from a store, and most are more expensive.

however, I was wondering whether this oh wise and wonderful forum which I spend way too long on everyday could suggest any alternatives for the same price. I'm looking for a guitar for Shred, thrash metal like megadeth, and emigrate etc.
(preferably with a trem bar)
I am playing through a fender frontman amp which I am going to replace soon with either a marshall half stack, or possibly a laney half stack. I know it's a stack I want, and it's not because i've seen my fave guitarist using them or crap like that, it's cos I've been to music shops nd i've tried half-stacks out and liked them more than other amps.
Obviously no more than 50 Watts though.
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King's Full-tube 100 watt half stack. - £300
buy a schecter my friend i have 1 and its a beast buy any schecter in the diamond series and u wont be dissappoined